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      A Letter to the Girl I Met / was / Saw Last Night.

      To the girl I was yesterday,
      I hope you don’t find tears,
      I saw you from the virtual screen,
      You were sitting on your usual spot,
      In your usual manner,
      And sad, in an unusual way.
      I’ve seen all your sides,
      But not the one you’ve been putting on lately,
      I saw you, you were half naked in your bed,
      You had goosebumps all over,
      It was 25 degree, but you were sweating,
      You got up and turned on fan,
      And put your quilt over,
      I didn’t understand this,
      To the girl I saw yesterday,
      I hope you find reasons,
      To every question that is rumbling inside your den in a never ending echo,
      I saw you,
      You look so similar to me,
      Your differently shaped eyes that people usually call beautiful,
      And you don’t know how to stop smiling,
      At that compliment,
      Because that is one of your favorite ones,
      And the rarest to get too,
      You are so different,
      Or are we same? But I refuse to accept
      My truth
      I tend to keep aside my logic,
      I prefer showing up my kid in daylight,
      So I could meet you,
      When you cry to sleep at nights,
      I can actually feel your pain.
      The girl I was yesterday,
      But when I saw you,
      I saw a hurricane in your eyes,
      Chaotically beautiful,
      I think, I now understand why people compliment my eyes,
      It was mixed up with the oils from the past and dirt of the day,
      There is so much I saw through a black screen,
      Last night, in the pair of tragically beautiful eyes,
      To the girl whose were those eyes,
      I hope you don’t find tears,
      And I also hope, you find reasons to smile about.

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