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A New Species of Dinosaur Discovered in Chile's Atacama Desert | 2YODOINDIA

A New Species of Dinosaur Discovered in Chile’s Atacama Desert

A new species of dinosaur discovered in Chile’s Atacama desert. A new plant-eating species. The Arackar Licanantay belongs to the gigantic titanosaur dinosaur family tree.Arackar Licanantay means “Atacama bones” in the Kunza language.

According to an infographic shared by news agency AFP on Twitter.

Atacama Desert is the driest in the world and recent studies suggest that Arackar lived in what would have been a lush landscape of flowering plants and palm trees during the Cretaceous period 66-80 million years ago.

Atacama is rocky and barren and having gone without rain for nearly 100 years.

Even though the specimen belongs to a large, quadruped, herbivore, measuring about 6.3 metres, scientists say the remains are that of a younger Arackar.

According to AFP infographic says that the dinosaur is a “modest-size member of the gigantic titanosaur family” and is estimated to have weight at least 3,000 kg.

Adults may have grown up to eight meters in length.

Arackar had a small head and long neck and tail, and what’s been describe as an unusually flat back.


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