A Story of Two Automakers | Ford’s Failure And Hyundai’s Dream Run

Both Ford and Hyundai came in 1996 to India.

Today Hyundai sell 4.71 lakh cars annually & have 18% market share while Ford sells just 48,000 cars with 1.8% market share.

Hyundai keep on innovating its product offering while Ford keep on pushing defective models in Indian market.

90% of customer are in a range of 5-15 lac.

Maruti is king leader in the market because it has around 12 models in this range, while Hyundai also has 7 models in this range.

Middle class needs a value for money car.

Hyundai utilising full Plant capacity while Ford invested heavily in new Plant at Sanand when its Chennai Plant running at just 30% capacity, major dent to its bottom line, besides poor marketing, slower product offerings etc.

US auto makers treated India as their manufacturing hub of out dated technology.

All their plants are made using the refurbished equipment.

It’s sad but true that they treated Indian market as third world market with no respect for Indian consumers.

Ford failed to understand the requirements of customers.

After Eco Sport, they didn’t launch any model.

They are unnecessarily blaming Government policies for their own failure.

If policies of Government were so bad, how Hyundai and Kia gained so much market share?

Moreover Ford had highly expensive spare parts and service and quality certainly didn’t match the price, very unaffordable.


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