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      How to Understanding Fuel Efficiency | Actual vs Claimed Mileage

      When you go to a showroom and ask the salesperson about the car’s fuel efficiency. The salesperson gives you a certain figure stating that the number is certified by ARAI.

      And when you drive you realize the mileage you are getting is way less than what the company states.

      And when you take your car on the first free service you ask the service mechanic to solve out the problem.

      Service center claim it’s a new engine and it will take time to open up and give you a desire average.

      After that you again start driving vehicle only to realize that the best mileage you can ever get is at least 20% less than the claimed one.

      Actual Mileage is different than claimed mileage!.

      Actual vs Claimed Mileage

      Claimed Mileage

      A claim mileage is a number given by your vehicle manufacturer and is certified and test by Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI),

      ARAI a Co-operative governmental body engaged in Research and Development to evaluate the auto related products.

      Remember ARAI doesn’t perform actual road tests on the vehicles but uses a Chassis Dynamometer to replicate road conditions.

      Actual Mileage

      Actual mileage is the figure a car use gets when you drive a vehicle.

      And Actual mileage is way less than fuel efficiency figures assigned by ARAI.

      These real-time numbers depend on driving conditions, driving style, roads, weather and many more aspects.

      What is considerable mileage?

      Take the ARAI mileage and deduct 20 percent from the number as per rule of thumb.

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      If a car is said to have 20 kmpl mileage (ARAI Certified) then you will get not more than 16 kmpl.

      But that’s a very short-sighted view of understanding your fuel consumption.

      As we mentioned above that it will depend on various factors.

      You have to keep a eye on your instrument cluster to check the actual mileage number.


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