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Adobe Could Launch A Free Web Version Of Photoshop For Users | 2YODOINDIA

Adobe Could Launch A Free Web Version Of Photoshop For Users

Adobe could launch a web version of Photoshop that will be free for users according to new reports this week. As Adobe is set to be testing the free online version of the photo editing tool with some users in Canada.

Adobe is calling it the freemium version and is expect to be made available to users in other markets as well.

And the platform will be available for free, Adobe wants people to sign up with a free Adobe account to make use of this benefit, the report adds.

Adobe already offers a web version of Photoshop for its subscribers, but it has never offered it for free.

In fact, even this freemium version is likely to have some limitations, which can only be access by those who pay for Adobe subscriptions.

Photoshop is a popular photo editing tool, and having it on the web for free will make it accessible to more users across the globe.

This could be a smart way for Adobe to attract more users to its Creative Suite ecosystem, let them try out the freemium features and if they find it useful, they could move to the paid version eventually.

Adobe Photoshop web version launch in October last year, and it works without having to install apps on the device.

You can open it on any web browser supporting the drivers for editing.

The online photo editing space is vibrant, and Adobe must have found a good reason to push the web version of Photoshop to a wider audience.

Photoshop is a heavy tool, and to run it on the web might require you to have fast internet speed and a machine which can handle your browser’s editing tasks without any hiccups.

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We are hopeful that Adobe will share more details about the free version of Photoshop with users in the coming months before it officially launches in other markets.

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