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      All You Need to Know About the mYoga App Launched by PM on Yoga Day 2021

      Prime Minister Narendra Modi send the mantra of ‘Yoga se sahyog tak’ announcing the launch of the mYoga app for yoga training videos available worldwide in many languages and said that the application will play a ‘great role’ in expanding yoga across the world.

      PM Narendra Modi has announce the arrival of a new M-Yoga app.

      Government with World Health Organisation (WHO) to announce the new app which will have videos of yoga tutorials in many languages.

      The details of the app are still not clear and it hasn’t been announce yet when it will go live in app stores.

      As Prime Minister Narendra Modi launch the mYoga app on the occasion of the seventh International Day of Yoga.

      App developed jointly by the Ministry of Ayush and the World Health Organization (WHO).

      The mYoga app intends to provide yoga training and practice sessions of varying durations to laypersons and enthusiasts people.

      PM Modi said that the M-Yoga app will be a ‘great example of fusion of modern technology and ancient science’ and he hope that the M-yoga app will help in spreading yoga world over and will contribute to the efforts of ‘One World One Health’.

      The M-Yoga app will have videos of yoga training base on common yoga practices, in many languages of the world.

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      Prime Minister Said :

      “In collaboration with World Health Organisation (WHO), India has taken another important step. Now there will be mYoga app, which will have yoga training videos in different languages for people across the world,”.

      The PM also stressed on the role of yoga during the pandemic and stressed that enthusiasm around yoga has increased ten-fold.

      PM also stressed on the importance of breathing exercises like pranayama and anulom-vilom for strengthening our respiratory system.

      Prime Minister Said :

      “The mYoga app will be a great example of the fusion of modern technology and ancient science. I believe that the application will play a great role in Last year and this year, however, the lead event has been present in a televised programme due to the COVID-19 pandemic,”.

      “One of key ingredient of yoga is fortitude in the face of adversity. When pandemic appeared, no one was ready from the point of view of capabilities, resources or mental toughness. Yoga helped people to muster confidence and strength to fight with the pandemic world over,”.

      This app can be use as a daily yoga companion for persons aged 12-65 years.

      WHO says the app was develope through review of scientific literature and extensive international expert consultation.

      App is design to encourage people to practice quality yoga at the touch of their smartphone, the mYoga app is said to be safe and secure, and doesn’t collect any data from users.

      For now it is available in French, English and in Hindi, with more languages to be add in the coming months.

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      Android users can download the mYoga app from Google Play Store.

      Government had announce an app called ‘Celebrating Yoga’ earlier.

      Celebrating Yoga app was launch by Union Minister for Science and Technology Harsh Vardhan.

      Celebrating Yoga app was design to connect yoga enthusiasts and practitioners to create events.

      But the Celebrating Yoga app is no longer available for download on Google Play.

      Pointing many benefits of yoga PM said the ancient Indian practice had seen immense uptake in all corners of the world as it not only improve physical health but was also good for mental health.

      Prime Minister Concluded :

      “I am sure yoga will continue playing its preventive as well as positive role in the healthcare of masses,”.

      What is mYoga App?

      The mYoga app will provide users with a collection of videos and audio practice sessions that they can do in the comfort environment of their own homes whenever they want.”

      mYoga App can be use as a daily yoga companion for persons aged 12-65 years.

      How was mYoga App Developed?

      The mYoga app was develop through “review of scientific literature and extensive international expert consultation processes.” as per the WHO website,

      Who collaborated for mYoga app?

      The mYoga app work of collaboration between the World Health Organisation (WHO) and Ministry of Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy (Ministry of AYUSH), Government of India.

      What about mYoga app Data Privacy?

      The mYoga app does not collect any data from users at all and is recommend for use as a “daily yoga companion for persons aged 12-65 years.”

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      Which languages in mYoga app available?

      mYoga app is currently available in English, Hindi and French.

      mYoga app will be available in other UN languages in the upcoming months.


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