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      Amazon’s Alexa Can Now Notify Users When Security Camera Spots Person or Package

      Amazon is introducing a new feature that allows Alexa to notify users if their security camera sees a person or a package. For people using an Echo Smart Display or Fire TV, you can also automatically pull up your live video feed to see whether there’s a person or package at your video doorbell or security camera.

      This new feature will work with video doorbells and security cameras from Ring, Google Nest, and Abode, with more brands potentially adding the ability owing to a new API from Amazon.

      Amazon claim that person detection announcements are rolling out to all Ring video doorbells and cameras, and will be soon coming to the Google Nest Cam Outdoor, Nest Cam Indoor, Nest Cam Floodlight, Nest Doorbell, Abode IOTA, and Abode Outdoor Camera.

      There has also been an addition of the ‘Alexa Routine’ setup, base on the new detection features, where users are provide with features such as turning on a porch light, controlling a smart lock, or spotting a potential intruder.

      You needs to have a person or package detection enable on their compatible camera, and then go into the Alexa app and navigate to the camera or doorbell settings.

      There, one can see a new section called ‘Camera Events,’ where you can enable either or both options as well as customise the settings.

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