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      Android 12 May be Called “SNOW CONE”


      Android 12 Could be name Snow Cone.

      Android 12 come with features like smarter auto-rotation, gaming mode, reduce bright colours feature, and one-handed mode.

      The new Android 12 will be the next version of Android from Google and is expect to launch later this year.

      Google has seemingly gone with Snow Cone this time as Android 12’s source code reportedly has references to “sc” believe to be an abbreviation for Snow Cone.

      It should be noted that Google has not share any information on the new OS.

      Android 12 source code shows multiple references to “sc” that is believe to be an abbreviation for Snow Cone.

      Android 11 was internally call Red Velvet Cake and there were references of “rvc” in the source code.


      Android 12 could come with a new face-based option for auto-rotate.

      Android’s auto-rotate doesn’t always work like you want it to.

      Google seems to be making some improvements.

      The smarter auto-rotate could use front camera of your phone to see the orientation your head is and rotate the display accordingly.

      This would be especially useful for those who use their phones while lying down.

      Google will add a dedicated one-handed mode for Android 12 and that users will be able to enable one-handed mode with a gesture.

      This one-hand mode is expect to see downsizing only along the vertical axis, bringing options that are too high up to reach closer.

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      Also users may be able to set a timeout period that will automatically disable one-handed mode.

      Android 12 will have a new “GameManager service.”

      This would likely trigger when a game is start and manage settings like automatic brightness, auto-rotation, Do Not Disturb mode, and many more.

      A new Battery API is being introduce as well, that will allow games to detect the battery level of connected Bluetooth controller.

      Reduce bright colours feature is meant for the helping people with visual impairments.

      It may be part of the quick settings in Android 12.

      Android 12 does not have a release date yet but Google may launch it towards the end of this year.

      Android 12 will also bring new UI changes like more pronounced rounded corners, new privacy features, and a new widget selection.

      SOURCES : XDA Developers , 9to5Google

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