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      Apple WWDC 2020 | Apple Brings New Translate App That Supports 11 Languages & Works Offline


      Apple has a new Translate app that will come with iOS 14, which was unveil on Monday.

      The app offers side-by-side translations in two languages and comes with support for 11 languages.

      The Translate app by Apple also features an offline mode for voice and text translations.

      The Cupertino-based tech giant will hope to give stiff competition to Google’s Translate app with this newly introduced app.

      iPhone and iPod touch users are slate to get the next-generation iOS update by the end of 2020.

      Translate App Features

      Apple, the Translate app comes preloaded with the iOS 14, and it supports 11 languages including Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

      The app also works in landscape mode on eligible iPhone models.

      Users can use the in-app microphone for automatic language detection. Apple is calling the feature, Conversation mode, and it works for downloaded languages even when there’s no Internet connection.

      Apple Said :

      “Advanced on-device intelligence lets you translate your voice from one language to another. The app detects your language and provides the translated text and audio in the target language. Download languages can be translate using voice even without an Internet connection,”

      Apple is giving the option to users to view history or save translated phrases as “favourites” within the app.

      The Translate app by Apple further has an inbuilt dictionary to allow users to see the definition of a word so that they stay on the platform.

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      This feature can be use by simply tapping any word.

      Translation Features with iPadOS 14

      Apple will allow iPad users to translate entire Web pages in Safari with the new iPadOS 14 update.

      The Safari browser will include a translate icon in the address field, which can be use to translate web pages.

      It will be limit to users in the US and Canada.

      Apple is also overall improving Siri translation that can now support over 65 language pairs. Users in India can translate speech from English to Korean.

      Both Siri and Translate app will likely get support for more languages with future updates.

      Apple introduced a host of new software updates during Monday’s WWDC keynote.


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