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      Apple’s macOS Big Sur Public Beta Now Available for Download | 2YODOINDIA

      HI RIENDS,

      Apple’s macOS Big Sur public beta has now available for all members of the Apple Beta Software Program.

      Unveil during the keynote at WWDC 2020 in June, macOS Big Sur is set to bring several design changes and updates to Safari, Messages, and Maps.

      It is said to be a noteworthy redesign of the desktop operating system the brand’s biggest since the introduction of OS X.

      Since this is a beta version, it could having bugs that may hamper the performance of your Mac device.

      2YODO recommend you to not install it if the desktop or laptop you use is your daily driver.

      The update comes with ‘significant design changes across the entire operating system’.

      The app icons seem to have been redesign to look more like the ones on iOS platform.

      The menu bar at the bottom has a new translucent finish, and there is a new dedicate Control Center at the top to manage things like Bluetooth, AirDrop, Wi-Fi, display brightness, and sound level.

      The Control Center has a very iOS-like design aesthetic to it.

      The Notification Center has also been redesign to offer notifications and widgets in one single panel.

      In Safari, macOS Big Sur brings some customisations to the start page, including the additions of favourites and frequently visited websites.

      Users can also add their favourite background image in the updated browser.

      A new Privacy Report feature was spot in Safari that essentially shows all the blocked trackers.

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      macOS Big Sur public beta update also reveals some improvements to Messages, like the addition of effects that were first introduced in iOS.

      Messages is also getting pin conversations and inline replies just like its iOS 14 version.

      Other improvements include new system sound notifications, the return of Mac’s iconic startup chime, and many more.

      It is important to back up all data before you download the latest public beta of macOS Big Sur.

      Users will have to become a member of the Apple Beta Software Program to download the latest public beta.

      Its exact final rollout timeline has not yet been reveale.


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