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      Boult Audio FreePods | Boult Audio MuseBuds | Boult Audio ProPods | Boult Audio PowerBuds Launched in India | 2YODOINDIA


      Boult Audio FreePods, Boult Audio MuseBuds, Boult Audio ProPods and Boult Audio PowerBuds are the four new True Wireless earbuds launch by the company in India.

      These TWS earbuds target different price ranges and different set of consumers.

      The Boult FreePods are the most affordable TWS earbuds out of these four headphones, and are exclusive to Flipkart.

      The ProPods are exclusive to Amazon.

      The Boult Audio MuseBuds and PowerBuds are aim at fitness enthusiasts and offer better IP ratings.

      The Boult Audio FreePods

      The Boult Audio MuseBuds

      The Boult Audio ProPods

      The Boult Audio PowerBuds

      Price in India

      The Boult Audio FreePods are exclusive to Flipkart and are price at Rs. 1,799.

      The Boult Audio ProPods are exclusive to Amazon and are price at Rs. 2,499.

      Boult Audio MuseBuds TWS earbuds are available on both Flipkart as well as Amazon and are price at Rs. 1,999.

      Boult Audio PowerBuds are the most expensive offering of the four TWS earbuds with a price of Rs 2,799.

      Boult Audio FreePods


      Boult Audio FreePods TWS earbuds have a stem style design and are available in three colour options, Red, White and Black.

      These TWS earbuds have a battery life of 15 hours and a charging time of 2 hours.

      These are also IPX7-rate for water-resistance.

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      Boult Audio ProPods


      Boult Audio ProPods earbuds also have a stem style design and are IPX5 water-resistant.

      These come with a Wake up and Pair feature, touch controls, and low-latency for lag-free audio especially while gaming.

      The ProPods are capable of 5.5 hours of playback and the case is capable of charging the earbuds 4 times completely.

      The ProPods are available in Black and White colour options.

      Boult Audio MuseBuds


      The Boult Audio MuseBuds are aim at fitness enthusiasts and have an earclip design.

      This earclip design should help the MuseBuds to stay in place while working out.

      The MuseBuds are capable of 18-hours of continuous playback with the case.

      Boult Audio PowerBuds


      Boult Audio PowerBuds are available on Flipkart as well as Amazon and have a touch sensor for controlling audio playback.

      The case of the Powerbuds earbuds can also be used to reverse-charge other devices and the earbuds themselves are IPX7 water-resistant.

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