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DAO EV Tech | DAO 703 E-scooter Launched in India | DAO EV Tech Vidyut 106 | DAO EV Tech Vidyut 108 | DAO 703 E-Scooter | Price in India | Specifications | 2YODOINDIA

DAO EV Tech | DAO 703 E-scooter Launched in India

DAO EV Tech & DAO 703 E-scooter Launched in India. DAO has also introduced three low-speed e-scooters to accompany the high-speed ‘703.’

DAO has also launch its 703 e-scooter.

Price in India

DAO EV Tech Vidyut 106 and DAO EV Tech Vidyut 108 pricing not revealed yet.

DAO hasn’t revealed the pricing for the 703.



DAO EV Tech Vidyut 106 and DAO EV Tech Vidyut 108.

Both scooters comes with the same 250W motors and 1.38kWh battery packs.

DEO have top speeds and range figures are also the same, at 25kph and 80km respectively.

Design department the DAO EV Tech Vidyut 106 has a slightly more substantial appearance with a pillion backrest thrown in, while the DAO EV Tech Vidyut 108 is sleeker and slenderer.

It also packs in LED indicators and an LED tail lamp, and the 106 makes do with conventional filament bulb units.

Both scooters get LED headlights. 

It packs in the same motor and battery package as the other two, but thanks to a higher kerb weight and higher payload, the range figure stands at just 70km.

Top speed remains 25kph, which makes the double-disc-brake setup seem like massive overkill. 

Low-speed e-scooters have the benefit of not needing to be registered and not requiring a license to ride.

They’re also popular because they tend to be a lot more affordable than their high-speed counterparts.

DAO hasn’t announce prices for any of its scooters yet.

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So watch this space for more updates as we get them. 

DAO 703 E-Scooter

DAO 703 e-scooter uses a lithium-iron-phosphate battery with a BLDC motor making 3.5kW of peak power, DAO hasn’t mentioned the torque figures yet.

It offers a top speed of 70kmph and a range of up to 100km.

DAO 703 has 9-inch LCD display, DAO has equipped the scooter with a reverse gear and the Intelligent Release System, instead of the conventional kill switch. 

The DAO 703 comes with a one-click repair function and automatic power-off during a rollover.

DAO 703 features include cruise mode, a charging port, a central lock, keyless operation, an anti-theft alarm, find my scooter function, and LED lights all around. 

The DAO 703 is suspended on a conventional telescopic front fork and a pair of adjustable rear shocks.

Braking is via disc brakes at the front and rear end with possibly CBS.

The e-scooter tips the weighing scale at 85kg.


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