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Do You Know What to do if Your Car Key Fob Stops Working | 2YODOINDIA | BLOG BY RAHUL RAM DWIVEDI | RRD

Do You Know What to do if Your Car Key Fob Stops Working


Now a days every vehicle has a electronic key and many of them are Keyless driven car launching in India.

As company says that there are very rare chance that car key fob stop working but yes there are many cases which you have heard off.

So today we are talking about what should one do when you catch this situation.

Fobs work on a very low frequency, so radio masts shouldn’t interfere with them.

Things like CCTV cameras run on the same frequency so it’s a common problem in town centres.

There are fears that thieves are using jamming devices to block the signals for remote central locking.

What to do if Your Car Key Fob Stops Working

  1. Place the key fob under your chin with your finger on the unlock button
  2. Tuck your chin down to shield the fob as much as possible from any radio frequency jamming device in the vicinity
  3. Walk around the car, maintaining a position of directly facing the car at all times
  4. While walking slowly around the car, press the unlock button repeatedly
  5. When the car unlocks, the source of radio frequency interference will be behind you as your body blocks the jammer.

Signal jamming in a public place is another example of criminals using technology to target unsuspecting motorists.


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