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      What is a Fatty Liver | Fatty Liver Symptoms | Fatty Liver Treatment | Fatty Liver Diagnosis

      Our liver is the second largest organ in body. It helps in processing nutrients from food and remove harmful substances from your blood. Fatty liver is a common disorder that affects up to 20-25% of adults and about 5% of children approximately.

      Fatty liver disease is also call Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD or Non-alcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH)).

      And Fatty Liver Disease can stem from a myriad of issues including poor diet, obesity, pre-diabetes, genetics and poor health.

      Fatty liver is also known as hepatic steatosis.

      Too much fat in your liver can cause liver inflammation which can damage your liver and create scarring.

      In severe cases, this can lead to liver failure.

      Why Fatty Liver is more Common Now-a-Days?

      Due to the not active lifestyle that includes physical inactivity and unhealthy food choices such as consumption of high-calorie foods in the daily diet which may lead to liver enlargement or fatty liver.

      Unhealthy eating habits

      Our physical health depends on the kind of food we eat.

      People are more focused on eating junk food, high-calorie foods like red meats, sweets, etc. and drinks like carbonated drinks, packed juices, energy drinks, etc. and alcohol.

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      Such poor habits may contribute to the development of the fatty liver.

      Poor lifestyle

      The development of fatty liver is associate with lifestyle diseases such as poor eating habits, physical inactivity, and smoking.

      What are the Symptoms of Fatty Liver?

      Fatty liver causes no symptoms but you may feel tired or experience discomfort or pain in the right upper abdomen.

      Some people develop liver scarring in long-standing fatty liver disease.

      Liver scarring is known as liver fibrosis and after that it can cause liver cirrhosis.

      Cirrhosis may cause early symptoms like lack of appetite, weight loss, weakness and fatigue.

      It can cause jaundice, bloody vomiting and confusion and disorientation

      What is the Treatment for Fatty Liver?

      As there are no medications for Fatty Liver which have been approve to treat fatty liver disease.

      Lifestyle changes like limit or avoid alcohol, weight reduction and changes in your diet can help reverse fatty liver disease.

      And if you have developed Fatty Liver you need additional treatments.

      Depending on the stage of cirrhosis, treatment can be lifestyle changes, medications and surgery.

      Cirrhosis can lead to liver failure for which you might need a liver transplant.

      How to Treat Fatty Liver with food?

      Effective ways to treat fatty liver disease is a proper diet.

      The liver helps in the production of bile, digestive protein, and detoxification.

      Fatty liver disease damages the liver and prevents it from working normally as it should.

      The Diet for Fatty Liver Include.

      Fruits and vegetables

      You can start from reducing calorie intake and eating high fibre, natural foods.

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      Eating foods that contain complex fibre can provide sustained energy and promote satiety and fresh fruits and vegetables are a good source.

      You can include at least 4 to 5 servings of vegetable and 2-3 servings of fruits in your daily diet.

      High-Fibre Plants

      Legumes and grains are a good source of fibre and minerals that contain a good amount of plant protein which is very healthy for the liver.

      Instead of taking flours and animal protein, you should have focused on plant-based proteins.

      Include whole grains, pulses, soya in your healthy diet to keep your liver healthy.

      Foods to Avoid in Fatty Liver

      Too much consumption of salt, refined sugar and saturated fat can lead to liver enlargement and it can lead to liver damage.

      Avoid the consumption of refined sugar, high sugary drink, bakery products, commercial and pack food items because they are high in saturated fat, sugar and salt.

      Avoid poultry product (red meat), full cream milk sugar candies, regular soda, and fried food made with palm and coconut oil.

      You can include fresh fruits juice, lemon water, buttermilk, homemade soup or lassie, fresh coconut water in your diet.

      Use vegetable oil and keep changing this every after month.

      No alcohol

      Liver can damages by drinking a lot of alcohol.

      When it’s damage the liver can’t break down fat properly.

      This can cause fat to build up, which is known as alcoholic fatty liver.

      Focus on Mealtime and Portion Size

      Consuming your meals and snacks on a regular schedule can help keep your digestive system in top shape.

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      When you don’t eat at consistent times each day this can cause your stomach to overwork resulting in bloating and indigestion.

      But eating on a schedule you will allow proper digestion of your food which will result in you having a good comfortable feeling in your stomach.

      Research has shown that people consistently eat more food when offered larger portions.

      Portion control is important when you’re trying to cure fatty liver.

      Having small and divided meals in between snacking will help you to keep away yourself from overeating and to reduce calorie.

      WARNING : If the problem isn’t solved by lifestyle changes alone then don’t hesitate to consult a doctor as this article is for knowledge base.


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