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    Tuesday, April 16, 2024

      General Robotic Surgery System to hit Indian markets Soon.


      SS Innovations New Delhi-base and promoted by renowned robotic cardiothoracic will commercially launch India’s first and cheapest in the world general robotic surgery system within 4-6 months.  

      SS Innovations is planning to make 100 units this year of the multi arm novel ‘Mantra’ Surgical Robotic System indigenously developed over the last three years.

      Companies Plans are to make and sell over 1,000 units within the next five years.

      The company has so far invest Rs 300 crore and is planning to invest another Rs 1,000 crore to scale up production.

      Dr Sudhir P Srivastava, Founder, Chairman and CEO of SS Innovations Said :

      “We are planning to sell our units at Rs 4-Rs 5 crore, whereas robotic syrgery systems like Da Vinci, which controls almost the entire global market, sells at Rs 15-Rs17 crore per unit. So far only 70-80 robotic units are there in India and with our system going to be available at one third of the cost with better quality and features, we are getting numerous inquiries and proposals,”.

      SS Innovations has done clinical validation of the machine and is planning to start a global trial.

      Dr Sudhir P Srivastava Said :

      “We have got registration from the Drug Controller of General of India (DCGI) and have 36 months to submit clinical data. During this period, we can sell this and are also planning a global trial of the machine for approval in markets like the US and Europe”

      Who has done over 1400 robotic surgeries and trained several doctors in the US, before returning to India with dreams of making a surgical robotic company. More than 80 per cent of the machine is indigenously sourced and assembled from a panel of vendors, except for some key parts like motors, he said.

      The development is significant considering the fact that less than 6,000-6,500 robotic surgical systems have been globally installed in the last two decades.

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      Dr Sudhir P Srivastava Said :

      Potential is huge as currently less than 70-75 hospitals out of India’s 40,000 plus hospitals have installed robotic surgery units. Similarly, 19,000 hospitals are there in India’s neighbouring countries and less regulated markets. SS is planning to tap this opportunity.


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