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      UPDATE : Gmail for Android Gets New Button to Copy and Paste Email Addresses | Google Pay to Roll Out Personalised Rewards and Recommendation Feature


      Gmail Update for Android

      Gmail for Android now allows for easy copy and paste of Email addresses.

      Google add a copy and remove button to the Compose Mail screen on the app.

      This update doesn’t seem restricted to a specific version of the Gmail for Android app.

      The new update makes it easier to copy and paste Email addresses as well as removing them.

      Google didn’t make an announcement regarding the new change.

      When user will compose an Email in Gmail for Android users will now just need to tap on an Email address to access the Copy and Remove options.

      Earlier the same was possible by long pressing the Email address that showed users a pop-up menu to carry out the action.

      Google Pay Update Coming Soon

      Google Pay very soon to introduce a new personalisation feature in India that looks to offer relevant deals and better recommendations.

      It will gain access to sensitive information like your transaction history your forms of payment, and other data after you enable this feature,.

      The new “Personalisation with Google Pay” feature looks to bring relevant offers base on your shopping and other preferences.

      If the feature is turn on you will get offers from the places you frequently shop from.

      This feature can be off anytime within the app’s Settings.

      Google announce the feature confirming that it will roll out for both Android and iOS users in India starting next week.

      As soon as users upgrade to the next version of Google Pay they will be ask to choose whether they would like to turn the control on or off.

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      Turning this feature off will not restrict you from using the service and you’ll still be able to make contactless payments but the offers that you see may not be as relevant.

      Google will gain access to things like your transaction history, your location where you made a purchase, transit, and loyalty cards to provide relevant offers and rewards.

      Google assure that all the information will be use to make the Google Pay experience better and will never be “shared publicly or sold to anyone.”



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