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Chrome for Android is finally going to be a 64-bit app soon | 2YODOINDIA | BLOG BY RAHUL RAM DWIVEDI | RRD

Google Chrome 90 update bring Fast and Secure With HTTPS Protocol.


Google Chrome’s new update has Web browser even faster and more secure.

Google Chrome will use HTTPS instead of HTTP to make navigation faster between webpages.

  • HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol.
  • HTTPS stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure.

Adding the S to the end of HTTP helps users securely browse the Internet as it protects all communication and information of the user.

Google Chrome has also been urging the Internet to adopt HTTPS for a long time now.

Google Chrome will automatically select the HTTPS protocol instead of HTTP when the user enters the website in the address bar.

HTTPS also allows for faster connectivity to the website as the browser won’t need to navigate from HTTP to HTTPS.

Chrome will revert back to HTTP if a website doesn’t support HTTPS protocol.

Google Chrome will stick to HTTP for IP addresses, single label domains, and reserved hostnames.

The update are roll out to Chrome 90 for Chrome Desktop and Chrome for Android.

The release for Chrome on iOS will come later.



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