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      Google Chrome on iOS Gets New Features | Details Inside

      Google has announce many new features for Chrome web browser on iPhone and iPad. The new Chrome version for iOS is bringing five new additions to the web browsing application including enhanced Google Safe Browsing, AutoFill passwords on any application, return to recent tab feature, and many more to improve the user experience for iPhone and iPad users.

      Some of these features like Enhanced Safe Browsing and Chrome Actions were already present on Chrome’s desktop and Android versions.

      As Google also said that more features to Chrome on iOS will be announced in the coming weeks.

      Google Chrome on iOS new Features

      Google has introduce five new features for its web browsing application, Chrome on iOS.

      To begin with, the company is bringing improve Google Safe Browsing for iPhone and iPad users.

      If users turn on this feature, Google Chrome will predict and warn them proactively if a website is unsafe by sending the information for checking.

      Google Chrome will also warn users if their password and username credentials have been compromise in third-party data breach and it will suggest them to change the passwords everywhere.

      Google is adding AutoFill passwords feature to Chrome application on iOS.

      This new feature will automatically fill in your password in any application or website on iPhones and iPad through Google Password Manager.

      Google Chrome on iOS users are also getting a revamp interface that is aim towards making it easier for them to discover new content or start a fresh search.

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      Users will still be able to see the recent tabs and frequently visited websites.

      Google said that this change will also make its way to Android soon.

      Google Chrome for iPhone and iPad users are also getting improve website language translation using on-device machine learning.

      Also Google Chrome will automatically translate the website for users to match their preferences.

      The updated language identification model will be able to accurately figure out the language of the website as well.

      Google will soon add Chrome Actions on iOS for users to get things quickly from the Google Chrome address bar.

      Users will be able to find the desired action by simply typing its title in the address bar.

      It will be able to perform functions like Clear Browsing Data, Open Incognito Tab, and Set Chrome as Default Browser.

      Features such as Chrome Actions, enhance Safe Browsing, and AutoFill Passwords were earlier only present on Android and desktop versions of Chrome.

      How to turn on Safe Browsing?

      Follow These Steps :

      • Go to Settings
      • Then Google Services
      • Now Turn on Safe Browsing in the Chrome on iOS application.

      How to set up AutoFill password feature on iOS?

      Follow These Steps :

      • Go to Settings on their iPhones and iPads
      • Then Select Passwords. 
      • After that follow the prompts to unlock their iPhone or iPad, 
      • Now Select AutoFill Passwords
      • Then Enable AutoFill Passwords
      • After that Select Chrome
      • And Follow the on-screen instructions to finish setting up the new feature.

      Google also plans to bring even more features to Chrome on iOS in the coming weeks.

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