Google Photos to Launch Locked Folder Feature for all Android Smartphones

Google has announce that it is planning to launch its Locked Folder feature for the Photos app for all devices running Android 6 and above. Google announce via a tweet on its official Twitter account.

This feature will allow users to hide sensitive photos and videos from the main library and keep them secure via a passcode or biometric-protected folder.

The Locked Folder feature was first launched exclusively on Pixel phones in June.

Locked Folder Feature is important to note that Google hasn’t confirm the exact date for when the feature will be release on other Android devices.

Google says that the feature will be “rolling out soon.”

How to set up a Locked Folder Feature in Google Photos?

Follow These Steps :

  • Go to Library.
  • Then goto Utilities.
  • Locked Folder in the Google Photos app.
  • You will then be able to manually move the existing photos to the folder.

Google Pixel camera app allows users to save new images and videos directly into the folder after being shot and it is unclear at this point whether this feature will also be available for other Android camera apps.

Images that are save in a Locked Folder won’t be back up to the cloud.

Google made the announcement of the wide rollout of the Locked Folders along with a host of other new features that are coming to Android soon.


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