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      Google Recorder Web App Allows for Real-Time Transcriptions for Pixel Audio Recordings

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      Google Recorder Web App Allows for Real-Time Transcriptions for Pixel Audio Recordings.

      The AI-based Recorder app was release with the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL in 2019.

      Pixel users will be able to see transcriptions for their recordings on the Web app as well.

      The Web app allows you to “Share, play, and search your audio” and the URL for this is different from the

      The Recorder Web app now live at and it allows you to share, play, and search through your recorded audio files.

      It shows recordings that have been back up from the Recorder app on Google Pixel phones.

      The Recorder app is available for Pixel 2.

      The interface for the Recorder Web app has a seek bar at the bottom along with play/ pause button, rewind and jump forward buttons, volume control, and what seems to be an option to change the layout of the recording.

      Recorder for Web requires Pixel users to update the app on their phones to be able to start uploading content to the cloud, that can then be accessed from the Web app.

      The Web app will not let users record audio but will only transcribe the audio recorded and uploaded from a Pixel phone.

      The idea of a desktop interface is to allow users to more conveniently sort through long recordings that may not be ideal on a phone’s display.


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