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      Google Start Rolling Out its New AI Tool for Gmail and Google Docs which can Write Emails for Users | Details Inside

      Google has start rolling out new integrated AI tools for Gmail and Google Docs. As Google recently announce that it will be adding generative AI tools like ChatGPT for its Google Workspace users, including Gmail and Docs. Google has even start its public testing. 

      As per report, Google has start its trusted test program in the US and is allowing its customers, enterprises and education users over 18 to test and use these new AI-powered features.

      “This “small group,” invited to join by Google, must sign up and opt-in, with the ability to leave the program at any time,” cites the report. 

      Under this public testing, Google is allowing users to test and use the generative AI tools to help them write emails, birthday invitations, novels or help brainstorm ideas.

      Google is also testing custom choices in Gmail where users can add an emoji to change the appeal of their content.

      This test is being done on Gmail for Android and the interface for the new features is located at the bottom right side of the screen.

      And the features are currently roll out for select US users, they will be available to everyone worldwide soon.

      When available, the AI-power features will help users “create, connect, and collaborate” more effectively. 

      Introducing the AI-tools Google earlier reveal that with the AI integration, the company is introducing a new era of Google workspace and is aiming to help users achieve their work goals through AI-power across Gmail, Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets, Google Meet, and Google Chat.

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      With the use of upcoming Ai tools across Google Workspace users will be able to : 

      • Draft, reply, summarize, and prioritize content on Gmail. 
      • Brainstorm, proofread, write, and rewrite on Docs.
      • Create auto-generated images, audio, and video on Slides. 
      • Auto-complete, generate formulas and categorise contextually on  Sheets 
      • Generate backgrounds and capture notes in Meet. 

      AI tools for Gmail

      As per Google’s blog post, users can use generative AI in Gmail to draft everything from a birthday invitation to a job cover letter.

      Users can also have Google take what they’ve written and make it more elaborate or shorten it, including down to bullet points.

      There’s also the ability to “Formalize” a message and a whimsical “I’m feeling lucky” option that adds levity and makes other whimsical stylistic choices, for example emoji.

      A floating action button (FAB) appears in the bottom-right corner of the Compose screen, revealing the options.

      AI tools for Google Docs

      In Google Docs, AI can make the text more details or rewrite it to be concise.

      It can also be use to draft blog posts or even write song lyrics.

      There will be a “Help me write” button on the web that expands when click to reveal a prompt input.

      Google then generates your request, with users able to thumbs up/down, generate/”View another,” and “Refine.”

      You can then “Insert” it into your current document and make edits.

      Within Gmail and Google Docs, users who are testing the Ai tools in Google’s test program will be able to submit feedback that Google will use to refine and iterate on the generative AI functionality. 

      Unlike Bard, Google has not set any waitlist for users to get the AI tools for Google Workspace.

      So this AI features are expect to be release for everyone with a version update. 

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