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      Google to make App Downloads faster and will take less Space on smartphones.


      Google very soon to make app downloads easier and convenient for users.

      Google has been working towards making apps smaller in size so that they don’t occupied much space in Android phones.

      This latest attempt by Google in this direction is the app install optimisation feature on the Google Play Store.

      The feature is soon to make its entry and will help in faster downloads by downloading the part you use the mostof the time.

      Android Apps will soon be Download in Parts.

      App install optimisation will optimise the apps being download on Android phones.

      This will be done by taking into consideration how an app is use by people.

      If a good amount of the people use a particular part of the given app then Google Play Store will start downloading that part into the device.

      For Example :

      • If you download the Instagram app for the first time, you are most likely to set the profile up and more.
      • With this feature, only this part of the app will be download on your phone, leaving the rest of the parts to be download later.

      This will help the apps download, open, and even run faster.

      This feature will also won’t put a burden on your smartphone’s RAM, storage, and overall performance so as to ensure resource management.

      Here you can note that the functionality will keep your privacy in mind and won’t collect your personal and app data.

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      Google will only use the app usage data to compare it with others to better optimise the app experience.

      Good news is that you can App install optimisation can be turn off via the Google Play Store settings.

      Keep in mind that disabling it would mean that the data won’t be analysed but you will still be able to get faster app download speeds.

      The app install optimisation isn’t available on the Google Play Store there are strong chances it may arrive soon.


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