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      Google WiFi App no longer Available users to be moved to Google Home.

      Google is planning to remove its smart routers from its Google WiFi app. Also Google will transfer this control to the Google Home app. This function control Google WiFi and OnHub routers which are till now configurable through the Google WiFi app.

      The app allows users to change settings of the WiFi components which include turning it on/ off, check Internet speeds or display a WiFi password.

      Google WiFi or OnHub router will not be able to make any changes to their networks using the app from 25th May 2021.

      Google will completely remove the app from the Google Play Store as well as the Apple App Store too.

      The entire functionality will be shifted to the Google Home app.

      Google explains these possible actions in detail.

      1. Users of Google Home will be able to manage their Google Wifi network from the app.
      2. User will be able to add a Nest Wifi point to an existing Google Wifi network.
      3. Also user will be able to add a Nest Wifi router as an add-on point to an existing Google Wifi network.

      The basic functions to be enabled by the app will include :

      • To rename Wifi devices,
      • To change the room of a Wifi device
      • And to set up a new Wifi device.
      • Users can change and add Wifi managers.
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      The change will also bring Google Assistant support to Google WiFi for the first time.

      Users will be able to use voice commands to perform the necessary actions to WiFi settings like :

      • Turning it off or on,
      • Check internet speed
      • Show Wi-Fi password on Nest displays to guests.

      Google states that the existing managers in the Google Wifi app will be removed when users add their Google Wifi devices and settings to the Google Home app.

      They will also no longer be able to add or remove managers in the Google Wifi app.


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