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      Grammarly’s Tone Detection Feature Launched for Android & iOS Keyboard Apps.


      Grammarly’s Tone Detection Feature Launched for Android & iOS Keyboard Apps.

      The new feature detects the tone of the user and provides feedback on how they can improve their message so it can be better interpreted by the recipient.

      The tone detection can analyse whether the user is sounding formal, informal, accusatory, concerned, optimistic et cetera.

      This feature helps users improve their tone, clarity, grammar, vocabulary while typing any piece of text.

      Features of Grammarly’s Tone Detection

      • The feature analyses the tone of the user and provide suggestions for a change so as the message can come across as intended to the readers.
      • The tone detection feature is activated after user typed more than 150 characters.
      • Grammarly analyses the piece of text by a combination of signals that include capitalisation, punctuation, and choice of words among others.
      • It gives real time updates that help users change the text before sending it.
      • It also ignore the need to ask a colleague or a friend to read the mail or message before sending it to recipient.

      Grammarly’s tone detection is available in the updated version of the app on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

      How to access the Grammarly’s Tone Detection feature?

      • You needs to be turn on the settings first.
      • Tap on the G icon on the top left corner of the keyboard.
      • The keyboard shows you the tone of the message and the confidence level of each tone.
      • The confidence level helps you reach the intended tone of the message.
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