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      Guardians : Truecaller Launched Personal Safety App That Allows Location Sharing With Specific Contacts


      As International Women’s Day 2021 on March 8 Truecaller launch a new personal safety app Guardians.

      The new app from the caller ID platform is design to personal safety of its users by letting them share their location and alert their guardians in case of an emergency.

      Truecaller claim that the Guardians app built in-house over the past 15 months with team members from Sweden and India would never share any personal information with any third-party apps for commercial use, including the Truecaller app.

      You will be able to sign up on the Guardians app using your existing Truecaller account or by entering your phone number.

      A miss call or one-time password (OTP) will be generate to verify your phone number before signing up if you aren’t a Truecaller user.

      Truecaller also note that the app requires only three permissions that is your location, contacts, and phone permission.

      Truecaller says Guardians app is a free-to-use experience, without any ads or premium tiers.

      A shortcut to download the Guardians app will be provide through the regular Truecaller app to bring new users on board.

      How Truecaller’s Guardians Work?

      • The Guardians app allows users to select personal guardians from their contact list, choose when to stop or start sharing location, and can even set up permanent sharing with selected contacts.
      • Users can also share their location during a particular trip, and the app will keep working in the background.
      • It also comes with the ability to notify selected guardians to let them precisely follow the user’s location in case of an emergency.
      • In a normal scenario the Guardians app shares location intermittently to preserve battery life.
      • It shares precise location once switched to the emergency mode.
      • The app shares the users’ phone status, along with its battery life and network strength.
      • It supports interoperability and is claim to be device agnostic.
      • This means that the app will provide location tracking even if the user has an Android phone and their selected contacts have the iPhone, or vice versa.
      • Guardians allows the contacts to call or message users with one tap.
      • The selected contacts can also look at the particular location of the users once it’s share through the app.
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      Guardians also Work with Police.

      Truecaller also plans to share your location with community Guardians who may be in your vicinity but only once the emergency mode is enable.

      This will bring personal safety and will be helpful especially for women travelling out.

      Truecaller also has plans to enable support within the app for getting help from local law enforcement.

      It is also actively looking for law enforcement agencies and first responders to partner with for providing support to the users.

      The Guardians app is currently available for free through Google Play.

      It will also soon be available through the App Store.

      Truecaller already has a strong user base of 270 million globally over 200 million in India alone.

      Truecaller does have plans to use its existing channels to bring users to Guardians in the coming days.

      There are no plans to commercialise the app once it becomes successful.


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