HDFC Bank now allows Cardless Money withdrawal without ATM card | How to Use Details Inside

HDFC introduce a new service ‘HDFC Bank Cardless Cash’ by which customers can now withdraw money from ATMs without an ATM or a debit card.

This new facility of the HDFC Bank help customers to save themselves from the hassle of carrying an ATM card with them everywhere they go and the risk of losing their cards will also be minimise.

How to Withdraw Cash without an ATM Card?

Adding a Beneficiary

A beneficiary has to be register through Net Banking.

But registration is only require once per beneficiary.

Follow These Steps For Registration:

  • Log in to Net Banking and select the ‘Funds Transfer tab’.
  • Then click on Request.
  • After that click on Add a Beneficiary.
  • Lastly click on Cardless Cash Withdrawal.
  • Enter the required details.
  • Tap on ‘Confirm’.
  • Enter the OTP received for verification.

Note : It takes nearly 30 minutes for the beneficiary details to be reflect in your account.

How to Send Money to the Beneficiary?

Follow These Steps :

  • After logging in to Net Banking again.
  • Tap on ‘Funds Transfer’.
  • Select the ‘Cardless Cash Withdrawal’.
  • Choose the ‘Debit Bank Account’.
  • Select a beneficiary from the list of registered beneficiaries.
  • Click on continue and confirm, after checking the beneficiary details and entering the amount.
  • Enter the OTP for verification.
  • Beneficiary will receive an SMS containing the OTP an order ID and the amount.

How to withdraw Money from HDFC Bank ATM?

After the above steps are complete then beneficiaries can visit any HDFC Bank ATM.

Follow These Steps :

  • Select the Cardless Cash option from the menu that is display on the IDLE loop screen.
  • Choose your language option.
  • Then customers will be require to share their registered mobile numbers.
  • Enter an OTP for verification.
  • Enter order ID and the amount you need to withdraw.
  • When the details are successfully validate then cash will be disburse from the ATM machine.

Note : Cardless cash withdrawal requests will only be valid for 24 hours from the time of the creation of the request.

How much cash can be withdrawn through ‘HDFC Bank Cardless Cash’?

As per the official HDFC website ‘Cardless Cash’ withdrawal requests can be done for a minimum amount of Rs 100 and up to a maximum amount of Rs 10,000 per day or Rs 25,000 per month.


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