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How 5G Will Revolutionise Your Laptop or PC Usage | 2YODOINDIA

How 5G Will Revolutionise Your Laptop or PC Usage

What next after 4G, 5G is the next big thing in the technology world and it is expect to change computing for a better and more technologically advance future. COVID-19 pandemic restricting all of us inside our house.

In many countries People have move to working remotely across the world, and this led to a lot of imbalance in terms of capabilities, bandwidth, low-latency.

By 5G all of this imbalance will be a solved.

5G will also solve most bandwidth issues.

Also 5G also gives businesses the ability to have a work connection that is separate from home connection.

Users like the freedom and 5G will improve the battery life of laptop PCs, by which video conferencing, streaming video, audio clarity, portability, connectivity, security are these all getting apply from the smartphone into the PC and many more and more functions are going to start.

Qualcomm has started a new video series named “The Future of..” where a panel of experts talk about a certain aspect of technology and its future prosects.

Qualcomm talks about 5G, and how 5G can shape the future of PCs In the first episode of the series.



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