How did CBSE Calculate Your Class 12 Exam Score | Key Questions & Answers (QnA)

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) release the Class 12 results for academic year 2020-21 without conducting a single exam. Because of the pandemic circumstances of the COVID-19 the central board decided to evaluate the performance of over 14 lakh students through a unique formula to maintain fairness.

This year in 2021 the 99.37% of over 14.30 lakh students cleared the exam.

The number of candidates scoring above 95% has also increase from 38,686.

Also no merit list has been announce this year.

How CBSE Calculate Marks?

CBSE said that they took note of the unique challenges in calculating the exam results fairly in absence of a uniform written exam.

CBSE also needed to protect the interests of bright students.

It also had to be mindful that the internal exam criteria are different for each school affiliate with the board.

So the board came up with the following formula after too much research.

To calculate marks in the theory component follow these steps :
  • 40% weightage was assign to Class 12 internal marks like sessionals, unit tests and others conducted in this academic year.
  • 30% weightage was given to marks secure in theoretical papers in Class 11.
  • 30% marks were calculate based on a working average of total marks in Class 10 theory exams.
  • The marks scored in the three best scoring subjects out of the five main subjects.
To calculate marks in practicals follow these steps :
  • The actual practical marks will be consider as updated by the respective schools on the CBSE portal.

Who Calculated Result?

Normally examination copies are sent to external examiners for assessment to ensure complete transparency and fairness in the evaluation process.

But since this year the calculation of marks was heavily dependent on school data.

This is how CBSE Calculated Result :

  • Teachers went through extensive training material and webinars to ensure they were thoroughly traine about the new system.
  • A result committee was form in each school which had five members; of them, two were compulsorily external members.
  • The committee was assist by subject teachers.
  • The actual result calculation was an automated process.
  • CBSE developed an IT portal that calculated the weightage assigned at each level.
  • The system took inputs from schools about the Class 12 components that were use in the result calculation.
  • It calculated Class 10 component automatically which is based on the data taken from various boards.
  • About one lakh Class 12 students had done their 10th class from a different board.
  • The CBSE ask schools to verify such candidates’ roll numbers and name of board then after which the data was obtain from various boards by CBSE directly.

What is the Meaning if CBSE Website Shows ‘Result Later’ for your Credentials?

CBSE has withheld scores of around 1,060 new schools as there was no reference data available from last year for the computation of results.

Due to this the scores of 65,184 students from these schools and a few others are still being compute after being compile on an individual case-to-case basis.

Students need not worry as the computation criteria and standards of evaluation remain the same.

This only took longer because bulk data was not available to process in one go.

A CBSE press release said that these results will also be declare within a week’s time

CBSE Others Changes this Year 2020-2021 session

  • In the absence of exams and because of the special pandemic measures the CBSE board will not issue subject-wise merit lists this year.
  • CBSE board will also not be issuing individual merit certificates this year to candidates
  • CBSE will be issuing a combined marksheet and pass certificate this time.
  • Normally these are two separate documents release to students by schools.

What if You are not Satisfied with Your CBSE Result? 

CBSE will conduct exams separately between 16th August 2021 and 15th September 2021.

Following category of candidates will be allow to appear :

  • Those who are not satisfy with their assessment.
  • Private/ Patrachar students or those who need second chance compartment exam.
  • First chance compartment candidates
  • Students who have register in 2021 to improve performance only in one subject

CBSE will constitute a dispute resolution committee as well.

A detail communication regarding how to raise such issues will be release by CBSE later.​


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