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      How to Apply for Driving Licence Online

      Want to Apply for a driving licence then You can go for both offline and online methods to get your driving licence in India. The online process makes things easier as you don’t need to stand in queues or you don’t need to visit a government office physically to begin your application process.

      Government also created a Parivahan Sarathi Web portal to help citizens apply for their driving licence online.

      How to Apply for Driving Licence Online

      Before getting started it’s important to note that you need to have a learner’s licence beforehand.

      Follow These Steps :

      1. Visit the Parivahan Sarathi website.
      2. Select your state.
      3. Click on the Apply for Driving Licence link.
      4. Click on Continue.
      5. Enter your mobile number to generate OTP.
      6. Enter the OTP
      7. Hit the AuthenticateWithSarathi.
      8. Select Holding Learner’s Licence option if you already have the learner’s licence.
      9. Enter its number and your date of birth.
      10. You can select the Holding Foreign DL or Holding Defence Licence option if you’re eligible for those.
      11. Click on OK.
      12. Fill the application form.
      13. Select a date when you can visit your nearby road transport office (RTO).

      You will now have to visit your nearby RTO on the scheduled date with your original documents and fee slip.

      RTO will also give you a slot for the driving test that you’ll be required to take.

      You’ll get your licence in two to three weeks of passing the test.

      Fee Payable

      Sl. No.PurposeAmount in Rs.
      1Issue of learner’s licence in Form 3 for each class of vehicleRs. 150.00/-
      2Learner’s licence test fee or repeat test fee, as the case may beRs. 50.00/-
      3For test, or repeat test, as the case may be, of competence to drive (for each class of vehicle)Rs. 300.00/-
      4Issue of a driving licenceRs. 200.00/-
      5Issue of International Driving PermitRs. 1000.00/-
      6Addition of another class of vehicle to driving licenceRs. 500.00/-
      7Endorsement or renewal of authorisation for vehicle carrying hazardous goodsRs. 1000.00/-
      8Renewal of driving licenceRs. 200.00/-
      9Renewal of a driving licence for which application is made after the grace periodRs. 300.00/- (Additional fee at the rate of Rupees One Thousand Only for delay of each year or part thereof reckoned from the date of expiry of the grace period shall be levied.)
      10Issue or renewal of licence to a school or establishment for imparting instructions in drivingRs. 10000.00/-
      11Issue of duplicate licence to a school or establishment for imparting instructions in drivingRs. 5000.00/-
      12An appeal against the orders of licensing authority referred to in rule 29Rs. 500.00/-
      13Any application for change in address or any other particulars recorded in the driving licence e.g. address etc.Rs. 200.00/-
      SOURCE : Parivahan Seva website


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