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      How to Automatically Download Movies and TV shows on Netflix App


      Netflix’s Smart Downloads feature “Downloads for You” Launch in India.

      It can now automatically download movies and TV shows that you might like.

      Netflix’s Smart Downloads would automatically delete the episodes you’ve watched and download the next episode of said TV series.

      NOTE :

      • Netflix’s Downloads for You is an opt-in feature that you can turn on inside the Netflix app.
      • The feature is only available for Android devices, it’s not on iPhone and iPad right now.

      How to Automatically Download Movies and TV shows on Netflix App

      Follow These Steps :

      1. Launch the Netflix Android app.
      2. Then, tap on the Downloads tab.
      3. There, hit the toggle next to Downloads for You.
      4. On the next screen, decide how much storage space you want to dedicate for Downloads for You.
      5. Netflix says 3GB is enough for 12 movies and TV shows.
      6. Once you’ve made up your mind, tap Turn On.

      If you dont want this feature in future then you can always deactivate the Downloads for You toggle in the Netflix app.

      Or if your storage is full, you can decrease the amount it takes up from Downloads > Smart Downloads.

      The storage space you reserve for automatic downloads will not be use by manual downloads you initiate in the Netflix app.

      Netflix’s Downloads for You is available now on Android globally.

      It will soon enter testing on iOS.

      Netflix’s Smart Downloads feature took nearly seven months to make the jump from Android to iOS.

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