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How to Automatically Change Your iPhone’s Wallpaper in iOS 14.


Do you know you can now automatically change your iPhone’s wallpaper?

Yes ofcourse, you read that right.

With the latest iOS update, i.e. iOS 14.3, the Shortcuts app now gets wallpaper automation that allows you to change your iPhone’s wallpaper automatically.

Follow These Steps :

How to Change Wallpaper Automatically iPhone

You can only use this feature with the new software update, so make sure that your iPhone is running the latest version of iOS, i.e. iOS 14.3.

Follow These Steps :

  1. First up, download the Shortcuts app on your iPhone, if you haven’t yet.
  2. Once the app is downloaded, go to Settings > Shortcuts > enable Allow Untrusted Shortcuts.
  3. Open your phone’s browser and download the AutoWall shortcut.
  4. Once the website is loaded, tap Get Shortcut.
  5. Doing this will redirect you to the Shortcuts app.
  6. Scroll down to the bottom and tap Add Untrusted Shortcut.
  7. Now go to My Shortcuts and tap the three-dots on the AutoWall shortcut.
  8. Tap Allow Access followed by tapping OK to give AutoWall permission to use all your photos.
  9. Now, next to Album, you can choose the folder from which you want the wallpapers to automatically cycle through.
  10. This can be any folder from the Photos app on your iPhone.
  11. Once you have selected the desired folder, tap Done to save the shortcut.

With this done, you have just now finished setting up the shortcut.

But, the job is still not over. It is now time to set up the automation process.

Follow These Steps :

  1. Open the Shortcuts app > tap Automation > tap Create Personal Automation.
  2. Choose the Time of Day option.
  3. On the next screen, set the time and frequency for your automation.
  4. Tap Next followed by tapping Add Action on the next screen.
  5. Search for the Run Shortcut action and select it.
  6. Tap Shortcut and select AutoWall from the list of available shortcuts.
  7. Tap Next. Now, disable Ask Before Running to make sure that the automation is triggered automatically.
  8. Finally, tap Done to finish setting up the automation.
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Now every time the clock hits the time that you set for the automation, your iPhone will automatically change the homescreen and lockscreen wallpaper.


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