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      How to Check Your CIBIL Score on Google Pay | Step-by-Step Guide

      Google Pay is an online money transaction app as well as mode. Google Pay allows you to do monetary transactions. Also on Google Pay, users can make payments, send money home, recharge their mobile, shop online and many other stuff.

      With Google Pay, you can now get your credit report power by TransUnion CIBIL.

      When you get your credit report, it also gives you suggestions on how to improve it.

      Monthly updates are available for your credit report.  

      How to Create a Credit Report on Google Pay?

      Follow These Steps :

      • Open the Google Pay app.
      • Go to “Manage your money” section.
      • Tap on it to check your CIBIL score for free.
      • Then follow the on-screen instructions.

      NOTE : If you’re a first-time user, you need to provide your :

      • Full name
      • Phone number
      • Email ID (optional)
      • PAN (optional)

      NOTE : If you check your credit score on Google Pay, it doesn’t impact your credit score.

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