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      How to Free up Storage Space on Android by Clearing Temporary Files

      As of now phone industry has mature immensely in the last couple of years and so has the hardware. But even with most smartphones offering a large amount of internal storage space, the size of apps has also grown significantly.

      If you want to free up some storage space on your Android device, you can follow some of these ways to do so.

      Clean your phone via Google Files

      Google Files is one of the best file manager apps of all time available on the Play Store for free.

      To clean junk using Google Files, launch the app and simply tap on the ‘Clean’ button at the bottom of the screen.

      You can clean your bin/trash folder, delete junk files with a single tap or choose to view and delete large files, APKs, or backed-up media.

      To clear up junk from your phone, tap on the ‘Clean‘ button under the ‘Junk Files‘ section and you are all done.

      Use Google Photos

      If you are someone who clicks photos or shoots videos every now and then, you might often find yourself running out of storage space.

      And it is always nice to have photos store on your local storage, cloud photo service providers like Google Photos are an easy way to free up some storage space.

      To upload photos and videos to Google Photos, just install the app on your phone and sign in with your Google account.

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      Now click on your profile picture on the top right of the screen and you will find the option to enable or disable backup.

      You can choose which quality you want to upload photos in and which folders should be include in the backup.

      When done, the app also lets you delete from your device that has back up to the cloud.

      To do so, tap on the profile picture icon, click on the ‘Free up space‘ option and you will find a list of photos that can safely be delete from your device.

      Delete WhatsApp Media

      If you are a part of numerous WhatsApp groups that share images and videos regularly then it might be one of the reasons why you often run out of storage space on your phone.

      To check how much space WhatsApp is occupying, launch the app, tap on the three-dot menu that appears on the top right of the screen and click on ‘Settings‘.

      Now, tap on ‘Storage and data‘ and head over to ‘Manage storage‘.

      You can see how much space is being occupied by WhatsApp media with WhatsApp offering a built-in tool that lets you delete large files and items that have forward many times.

      The app also sorts conversations and groups and offers users a sneak peek at which groups or conversations take up the most space.

      Uninstall unused Apps

      If you tried all the above solutions but still short on storage space then try removing some games and apps you haven’t use in a while.

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      To do so, launch Play Store and tap on the profile picture at the top right.

      Now, click on ‘Manage apps and device‘ and head over to the ‘Manage’ section.

      Here you will see a list of apps and games filter by recently update.

      Tap on ‘Recently updated‘ and click on ‘Least used‘ or ‘Size‘.

      Now you can choose the apps or games you want to remove and you are all set.

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