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      How to Lock and Unlock Your Aadhaar | Step-by-Step Guide

      What If you want to protect your Aadhaar card from unauthorize use due to loss or theft, the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) given a lock/unlock feature. If your Aadhaar card gets lost or stolen, you can lock it to prevent fraud.

      This lock can be remove when you find or replace your card, either by using your register mobile phone or via the UIDAI website.

      When locked, no one can use your Aadhaar for any kind of authentication.

      How to Lock Your Aadhaar?

      • Generate a Virtual ID (VID): To lock your Aadhaar, you need a 16-digit Virtual ID (VID). You can generate this using the “Generate Virtual ID” service on the UIDAI website or via SMS.
      To generate a VID via SMS, send "GVID [last 4 or 8 digits of UID]" to 1947. 
      For example, "GVID 1234".
      • Lock Aadhaar with VID: When you have the VID, use it to lock your Aadhaar on the UIDAI website or the mAadhaar app. After locking, authentication using your Aadhaar number, biometric, demographic, or OTP modes will be disable.

      How to Unlock Your Aadhaar?

      • Retrieve your VID: If you need to unlock your Aadhaar but have forgotten your VID, send “RVID [last 4 or 8 digits of UID]” to 1947 to retrieve it. For example, “RVID 1234”.
      • Unlock Aadhaar with VID: When you have your VID, go to the UIDAI website or use the mAadhaar app to unlock your Aadhaar. After unlocking, authentication using the Aadhaar number or VID is enabled again.
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      How to Retrieve VID after Locking?

      If you forget your VID after locking your UID, you can get it back using SMS.

      Follow These Steps :

      • Send an SMS to 1947 from your register mobile number.
      • The message should be: “RVID” followed by a space and the last 4 or 8 digits of your UID. Example: RVID 1234
      • You’ll receive your 16-digit VID via SMS on your register mobile number.

      How to Lock your UID?

      To lock your UID, you need a 16-digit VID (Virtual ID).

      If you don’t have one, you can get it through SMS or the UIDAI website.

      Follow These Steps :

      • Once you have your VID, visit the UIDAI website and use the “Lock/Unlock Aadhaar” feature.
      • Enter your 16-digit VID and follow the on-screen instructions to lock your UID.

      After locking, your UID is protect from unauthorize use.

      If you want to unlock it later, you can use your VID and follow a similar process on the UIDAI website.

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