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      How to Password Protect a Microsoft Word Document on Windows and Mac

      Microsoft Office Word is the most popular Word processor of all time. As it provides a number of easy-to-use document creation tools, as well as a rich set of features for creating complex documents.

      If your work involves to store sensitive and confidential information on Microsoft Word, it is better for you to protect such documents with passwords.

      This password protection feature comes in helpfull if there is a chance someone will go snooping through your private documents.

      How to Password Protect a Microsoft Word Document on Windows?

      Follow These Steps :

      • Go to Microsoft Word on your Windows PC.
      • Open a document.
      • Go to File.
      • Click on Protect Document.
      • Click on Encrypt with Password.
      • Now, you can enter a password and click on ‘OK’.
      • You will be require to re-enter the password and confirm.
      • Your document is now password protected.
      How to Password Protect a Microsoft Word Document on Mac?

      Follow These Steps :

      • Open Microsoft Word on your Mac.
      • Open a document.
      • Click on ‘Review’.
      • Click on ‘Protect’ and on ‘Protect Document’.
      • Enter the desired password and then re-enter it.
      • Click on ‘OK’.
      • You can also set a password for modifying the document as well.

      NOTE : These same steps can be follow on a PC or Mac to password protect a PowerPoint presentation or even an Excel Workbook.


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