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How to Play Wordle Secret Word Game

Wordle is an easy-to-learn and fun-to-play online game that has a lot of attention. To play Wordle, you need to accomplish a simple task, guess a secret five-letter word in six attempts.

While the rules of the game are simple, what makes it intriguing and challenging is the fact that a person can only play the game once a day.

Wordle can be only play via a website and doesn’t require you to download an app and sign in with any sort of credentials.

Wordle Maker

The game has been develop by Josh Wardle, a Brooklyn-based software engineer.

Game’s development is as interesting as the game.

Wardle knew his partner, Palak Shah, loved games, so he created a guessing game for just the two of them.

He name as “Wordle,” playing on his last name.

Wardle play it with Palak Shah for a couple of months and share it on his family’s WhatsApp group, where it quickly became an obsession.

Wardle first creats a prototype of the game in 2013 but his friends were unimpress by his creation so he abandoned the idea.

In 2020 he and Palak Shah starts killing time during the pandemic by playing Wordle.

Wordle Release

The developer release Wordle for the rest of the world in October last year by building a dedicate website for it.

The website is completely no-frills, without flashing banners or pop-up advertisements.

It does not even ask for a subscription amount.

The game is not available on mobile apps yet.

After two months later, the game saw a meteoric rise as more than three lakh people were playing the game.

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How to Play Wordle?

Wordle appears similar to any other word-guessing game.

But it gets interesting as you play along.

When you visit the website, you will need to guess a secret five-letter word in six tries.

As you attempt each time, the game tells you how close you are getting.

Lets take an example, if you guess one of the correct letters of the secret word, it will highlight that letter with a green block, also signifying that the letter is placed in the correct position as well.

If you guess a correct letter but didn’t place it correctly, it will indicate with an yellow block.

And if you guess an incorrect letter, a grey box will denote that your select letter isn’t a part of the day’s secret word.

Every time you select a wrong letter, it will be highlight as well.

At the end, the correct word will pop up after all your attempts are exhaust.


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