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      How to Prevent Hacking as AI can Apparently Crack more than 50% Passwords in Less than a Minute

      It might sound crazy but AI can crack your password within minutes with the help of different tools. We have praise AI a lot because not only it has made our life easy but has also given us an alternative for everything but the advancement of technology is not always advantageous for us.

      What if all your private information including your bank account details is accessible by a second person to?

      This might be horrified you because out there with the help of different AI tools people are being able to crack passwords and can access your information.

      According to a study by Home Security Heroes, almost 51% of all common passwords can be crack easily in less than a minute by AI.

      Not only this, 65% of the common passwords were crack by the AI in less than an hour, whereas 81% of the passwords took less than a month.

      The company use an AI tool known as PassGAN to run through a list of 15,680,000 passwords before publishing the results.

      Aas per the study, the firm says that Passwords greater than 18 characters are said to be and consider safe against tools like PassGAN as it would take at least ten months for the tool to figure out an 18-character password that only use numbers.

      The study also says that it would take 6 quintillion years to crack a password that has special symbols and uppercase and lowercase letters.

      How to Prevent Hacking and keep information safe?

      As per Report :

      “A ten-letter password with only lowercase letters would take an hour to hack, while a ten-letter mixed-case password would take four weeks,”.

      The research suggests has also share a list that ensures your password safety, according to the list share :

      • Use at least 15 characters
      • Avoid obvious passwords
      • Use both uppercase and lowercase
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      The research suggests that you should keep your password using special symbols and numbers because it will take more time to crack that password as compare with a password that has only numbers in it which might take only minutes to crack.

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