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      How to Recharge Your FASTag using Paytm & Google Pay App.


      FASTag recharge can be use when you’re travelling from one city to another.

      FASTag recharge can be used for instant toll payments on your trip.

      Many apps can help you recharge your FASTag.

      Today we are talking about how you can do that using Paytm & Google Pay.

      This will help if you already have a Paytm account or have some money available in your Paytm wallet.

      You can also recharge using the Paytm website.

      Google also introduced UPI recharge option for FASTag users through the Google Pay app.

      Google lets you easily recharge your FASTag account that you can use to make toll payments while crossing city in India.

      How to Recharge FASTag from Paytm Site?

      Follow These Steps :

      1. Go to FASTag recharge webpage on the Paytm site.
      2. Log in by clicking the Log In /Sign Up button from the top-right corner.
      3. Now select your FASTag issuing-bank by either clicking on the textbox or selecting the one from the available list.
      4. Enter your vehicle number linked to the FASTag. (It should be without spaces)
      5. Click Proceed button.
      6. You’ll see the consumer name for the FASTag.
      7. Verify it.
      8. Enter the amount with which you want to recharge your FASTag account. .
      9. Click on the Proceed button.

      How to Recharge FASTag using Paytm App?

      Follow These Steps :

      1. Go to Paytm app on your smartphone.
      2. Tap My Recharges & Bills.
      3. Scroll down to find the FASTag Recharge option in the City Services section.
      4. Now you will be required to select your FASTag issuer bank.
      5. Now Enter your vehicle number.
      6. Click Proceed button.
      7. Enter the amount.
      8. Now Click Proceed button.
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      If you have purchased your FASTag by Paytm then your money will get deducted automatically from your Paytm account.

      NOTE : If your Paytm wallet doesn’t have enough money then FASTag will be able to make toll payments only after 45 minutes of adding money to the wallet.

      How to Recharge your FASTag using Google Pay?

      NOTE : Before doing this process you also need to link your FASTag account before making any recharges.

      Follow These Steps :

      1. Go to Google Pay app on your Android or iPhone.
      2. Tap on the New Payment button.
      3. Write “FASTag” in the search bar.
      4. Scroll down to find the issuing bank of your FASTag and select the one.
      5. Tap on the Get started button.
      6. Enter your vehicle number and give an account name such as CAR for easy access in the future.
      7. Click on the Link account button.
      8. Now press the Link account button.
      9. Your FASTag account will now be linked to Google Pay.
      10. Then you’ll see the screen that will have your FASTag account.
      11. Tap on the Pay button to make the payment.
      12. Press the Tick button.
      13. Tap on the Pay button.
      14. The Google Pay app ask you to enter your UPI Pin to proceed the payment.

      Lastly ou’ll receive an SMS from your bank account linked with Google Pay.

      Going in Businesses & bills section you’ll also be able to make future payments to your linked FASTag account on the Google Pay app.


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