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      How to Schedule a Live Video on Instagram

      Instagram introduce the ability to schedule livestreams. Which is called Live Scheduling. This feature lets you schedule your stream for up to 90 days in advance and followers can set reminders to tune in.

      Instagram offers the ability to start a live video via Stories.

      This feature is for building engagement, especially for aspiring creators.

      This feature also enables users to connect directly with their followers.

      You will be able to build up the event for 90 days in advance, and make followers anticipate a big announcement, an upcoming event, or even a launch.

      Your Followers will be able to see the post, description, and a prompt that contains the live link.

      With Live Scheduling feature you can even post countdown Stories and much more.

      Any Instagram user can schedule a Live Video and it is not just limited to creatorsonly.

      Live Video is easy to start on Instagram, scheduling one for the future is also a simple one.

      Instagram also allows users to add other followers in the Live video.

      How to Schedule a Live Video on Instagram?

      Follow These Steps :

      1. Open the Instagram app.
      2. Swipe left to open the camera.
      3. When camera opens.
      4. Swipe right from the bottom edge.
      5. Select Live.
      6. An option called Schedule should show up on the right side of the screen.
      7. Select Schedule and set the name of the event in ‘Video Title.’
      8. Click on Start Time.
      9. Now select a date and time sometime in the future for scheduling.
      10. Click on Schedule Live Video.
      11. You can then share the scheduled live as a post for their followers, who will also get reminders before you go live.
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