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      How to Send Large Files in Gmail’s Attachment

      Gmail allows you to send attachments with a certain limit. You can drag the attachments straight from the computer or laptop into the body of the email or select them from your Google Drive.

      You are allow to send multiple attachments in an email, but the size must not exceed 25 MB limit.

      As it helps to stop spammers from flooding your inbox and Google’s servers with useless and large files.

      Since Google can handle attachments up to 25MB, you must keep in mind that the text or images that you put into the message also come under this limit.

      If you attach a file whose size is 25MB, then you will get an error.

      If the size of the attachment adds up to 25MB, then Google will automatically upload the file to your Google Drive account.

      A link will be include instead of an attachment once these files are upload.

      This allows your email recipient to access the files easily.

      How to Send Large Files in Gmail’s Attachment?

      Follow These Steps :

      • Click the Insert files using the Drive icon which is locate at the bottom toolbar of your Gmail message.
      • Select Upload at the top.
      • If the file is already upload to your Google Drive, select it.
      • Click on Insert to attach it.
      • You need to drag and drop files into the window under the Upload tab.
      • Click Select files from your device to browse through your computer.
      • Click Drive link at the bottom of the window if it is not select already.
      • Your attachment will be convert into a Google Drive link to embed in your link.
      • To finish attaching the file, click Upload, compose your message.
      • Click Send.
      • You will have to give access to the file link.
      • Click Send again.
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