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      How to Send Messages in Blue Colour and Fancy Fonts on WhatsApp | Step-by-Step Guide

      WhatsApp is common mode of communicate among friends and family. But, many are bored of using the same font for texting. Today we tried a new third-party app that lets you send messages in blue colour and different fancy fonts.

      How to Send Messages in Blue Colour and Fancy Fonts on WhatsApp?

      Follow These Steps :

      • Go to Play Store and download “Stylish Text – Fonts Keyboard” app.
      • When downloaded, open the app and keep tapping on the arrow that is on the bottom right corner of the screen.
      • Tap on Agree button and go to keyboard section on the bottom right corner.

      Note: Do not give Accessibility permission to it even if it asks for it because it basically means that the app will have full control over your device. You don’t need to give Accessibility permission to this app for it to function properly. Tapping on the Agree button won’t give it permission and you will just skip to the main window of the app.

      • Tap on “Enable Keyboard” and enable “Stylish Text Keyboard” option.
      • Tap again on Activate button.
      • Now go to WhatsApp.
      • Open any chat.
      • Tap on the message bar where you usually type your text.
      • At the bottom of the keyboard, you will see a keyboard icon.
      • Tap on it and switch to Stylish Text keyboard.
      • You are all set now.
      • You will see stylish fonts on the top of the keyboard.
      • Now if you want to send messages in blue colour tap on slide left on the keyboard where different font styles are visible.
      • You will then see a blue font tap on it to enable it and start sending text messages in blue colour.
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      Note: If you don’t want a fancy font or blue colour text, then you can simply choose to select “Normal” font on the keyboard. You can also switch to the new keyboard in a similar way that we have mention above.

      Disclaimer : This is a third-party app and one should download it at their own risk. The app seems safe for now because it doesn’t ask for any permission to function, which should be the case. It collects the data regarding what you are doing using the app and how the app performs, which is basically to know about whether it is crashing or offering a smooth experience to users.

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