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How to Set Up Apple’s Legacy Contact Feature on iOS 15.2

As Apple will introduce Legacy Contact feature with iOS 15.2. This feature helps loved ones of an iOS user to gain access to the user’s iPhone. The Legacy Contact will gain access to the user’s messages, photos, notes, and other sensitive data.

Apple’s Legacy Contact Feature should be reserve for the most trusted contacts.

The Apple’s Legacy Contact Feature also gives the contact the ability to remove Activation Lock from other devices.

iOS 15.2 is currently available in beta mode and will be release for the public later this year.

Apple’s Legacy Contact Feature is a part of the upcoming iOS 15.2 update.

This Apple’s Legacy Contact Feature lets the set contact access the decease iPhone user’s handset with gaining access to their personal data. 

Apple said that the person set as the Legacy Contact would be given a special access code that they need to provide Apple with a death certificate to unlock the device.

How to Add a Apple’s Legacy Contact?

Follow These Steps :

  • Open Settings.
  • Click on profile picture.
  • Open Apple ID settings.
  • Open Password & Security.
  • Tap on Legacy Contact.
  • Click Add Legacy Contact.
  • Again click on Add Legacy Contact, when the disclaimer screen pops-up.
  • Authenticate the process using Face ID, Touch ID, or password.
  • If users have enable Family Sharing, you can select a family member.
  • Else, you can select Someone Else from their contact list.
  • When the Legacy Contact is select.
  • Tap Next.
  • Click on Continue on the screen that describes how the feature works.
  • You then have the option to choose how they would want to share the Access Key.
  • It can either be share through iMessage or a copy can be print.
  • When the sharing method is select, the select contact is set as the Legacy Contact.
  • Users can have multiple Legacy Contacts, so the process can be repeat for other Legacy Contacts.

Apple reviews all requests from Legacy Contacts before providing them with the user’s data.

In order to gain access to a user’s data, the Legacy Contact would need to know their date of birth, death certificate, and the access key.

The access key is a huge multi-digit key and is a mix of letters and numbers as well as a QR code.

Users should make sure their date of birth is accurately set in their device’s settings as it is use as an authentication during the process of unlocking their iPhone after they have pass away.

Apple’s Legacy Contact would need to gather the decease user’s access key as well as the death certificate.

They would then need to visit the Digital Legacy website to begin the authentication process.

The Digital Legacy website would then require the Legacy Contact to login using their own credentials and provide the necessary information to Apple.

If the access key is lost, the decease user’s family members can still gain access to their iPhone but all data and the log in account would be remove first.

Even for this, the family would need to provide a death certificate.

How to Remove Apple’s Legacy Contact?

Follow These Steps :

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Click on profile picture.
  3. Open Apple ID settings.
  4. Open Password & Security.
  5. Tap on Legacy Contact.
  6. Tap on the name of the person to be remove.
  7. Select Remove Contact.
  8. On the disclaimer pop-up page, when again click on Remove Contact.

After these steps are follow, the Legacy Contact would be remove and the access key that was generate would become unvalid.


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