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      How to Stop Someone From Adding You to WhatsApp Groups | Andriod | IPhone


      WhatsApp groups are a very popular feature for keeping in touch with friends and family from around the world.

      WhatsApp earlier used to allow anyone to add anyone to a WhatsApp group, as long as they had the other person’s contact number.

      This had led to the massive issue of random people adding others to random WhatsApp groups.

      WhatsApp decided to fix the problem by giving privacy settings to deter users from randomly adding others to WhatsApp groups.

      WhatsApp roll out these group privacy settings to everyone. 

      New group privacy settings on WhatsApp are available on both Android and iPhone.

      Here’s how you can enable these settings on your smartphone.

      How to Enable Group Privacy Settings on your Smartphone

      Before we tell you how you can implement these settings on your smartphone, make sure that you have installed the latest version of WhatsApp on your device. For Android.

      Then just follow these steps.

      How to Stop Someone from adding you to WhatsApp Groups on Android

      1. Open WhatsApp on your Android smartphone and tap the vertical three-dots icon on the top-right.
      2. Next, tap Settings > Account > Privacy.
      3. Tap Groups and select one of the three given options EveryoneMy Contacts, orMy Contacts Except….
      4. If you select Everyone, anyone can add you to groups.
      5. Selecting My Contacts only allows your contacts to add you to WhatsApp groups.
      6. The third option My Contacts Except lets you allow only selected people to add you to WhatsApp groups.
      7. You can either select contacts one by one or you can even select all contacts by tapping on the Select All icon on the top-right.
      8. These people will be prompted to send you the group invite through a private chat.
      9. You will then have three days to accept or deny the request for joining the group before it expires.
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      How to Stop Someone from Adding you to WhatsApp Groups on iPhone

      1. Open WhatsApp on your iPhone and on the bottom bar, tap Settings.
      2. Next, tap Account > Privacy > Groups.
      3. On the next screen, select one of the three given options EveryoneMy Contacts and My Contacts Except.
      4. Over here as well you can select contacts one by one or you can just select all the contacts by tapping the Select All button on the bottom-right.

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