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      How to Stop Unknown Users From Adding You to WhatsApp Groups

      WhatsApp groups are a superb way to stay connected to family, friends, or colleagues but the feature is often misuse by many to add tons of people to groups in order to sell products or promote services.

      All these groups are create without permission from participants and this could be frustrating for everyone.

      Most of you hate being a part of unnecessary groups and often consider if it’s rude to just exit a group.

      The best solution out of this is to have a filter that will stop unknown people from adding you to groups.

      Good news is this there is a setting that you can change the privacy section of your WhatsApp account that stop you from getting add to random groups.

      By this setting lets you customise who can add you to groups and the setting is set to ‘Everyone’, which means anyone with your phone number can add you in a group.

      Note that group admins can send you invite links and ask you to join groups even after you change the settings.

      How to Stop Unknown Users From Adding You to WhatsApp Groups?

      Follow These Steps :

      1. Open WhatsApp.
      2. Click on the three dots on the top right corner of the screen.
      3. Click on the Settings option.
      4. Tap Account.
      5. Click on Privacy.
      6. Then click Groups.
      7. The default setting is likely to be set to ‘Everyone‘.
      8. You can select from three options ‘Everyone’, ‘My Contacts’, and ‘My Contacts Except’.
      9. The ‘Everyone’ option lets any user with your phone number add you in a group without your permission.
      10. The ‘My Contact’ option only lets those users add you in groups whose numbers you have saved in your contact list.
      11. Last ‘My Contacts Except’ option lets you choose exactly who can add you to groups by letting you filter further and delist the contacts you don’t want to be add by to a group.
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