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      How to Take Care of Cars and Two-Wheelers in Lockdown?

      States like Maharashtra heading over another lockdown and Delhi and UP have announced night curfew have announced weekend lockdowns. With all these lockdowns, you will surely start to worry about your vehicles because your vehicle is going to be standing for long time,

      Today we are going to discuss few tips to keep it safe.

      Check Tyre Pressure

      When the tyres are kept standing they begin to lose air pressure over time.

      This might lead to the tyres cracks in the sidewalls.

      Even if your tyres are not losing pressure just move the car around a bit so that it does not rest on the same patch of tyre for so long as it become flat spot.

      Fill up the air in spare wheel too as it could come in handy in emergency.

      Disconnect Car or Bike Battery

      If you are not using your car then disconnect the battery as it could get discharged.

      Or start the car once every week.

      Cover Your Car or Bike

      Your car or bike will be covering dust, bird droppings, leaves, flowers and bearing direct sunlight which might damage the paint.

      Clean the car once and don’t forget to clean it inside too so as it remove bad smell.

      Also you should put a cover on it!

      Keep full tank

      Keep full tank of fuel in your car because you don’t really know when you will be able to visit the fuel pump next.

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      Park Safely

      2YoDo will recommend go of your car from the clutches of your parking brake/handbrake especially if you park your car on an incline or decline like on parking areas built outside flats because it might end up getting jam.


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