How to Use Snapchat Desktop App Snap Camera with Cartoon Filter on Zoom

Snapchat desktop app Snap Camera now allows users to apply a Disney/ DreamWorks/ Pixar-like cartoon filter in Zoom calls. The Snapchat has a stylistic cartoon filter in its mobile version that has now made its way to the desktop app.

This feature will let you look like a DreamWorks-style cartoon on Zoom by the range of expressions is limited.

  • Make sure you are using Windows 10/ macOS 10.13 or later.
  • You will need to give the Snap Camera app some permissions on your desktop as well.

How to Use Snap Camera Cartoon Filter on Zoom?

Follow These Steps :

  1. Download and install the Snap Camera desktop app from the official website.
  2. Open the app and give it access to camera and microphone if prompted.
  3. In the list of lenses below the camera feed, browse through the Featured section and look for Cartoon Style by Snap Inc.
  4. Select it and you should see it applied in the camera feed.
  5. Go to Zoom and join/ start a meeting.
  6. On the bottom left where you see the video option.
  7. Click on the up arrow.
  8. Select Snap Camera.
  9. Your Zoom call should now have the Snap Camera Cartoon Style filter applied.
  • First starting Zoom and then running the Snap Camera can give a “No available camera input” error as the camera was being used by Zoom.
  • So you should first run the Snap Camera app, apply the filter, and then switch to Zoom with the Snap Camera app running in the background.


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