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      How to Use Truecaller’s AI Call Scanner | Step-by-Step Guide

      Truecaller is launch a new feature power by artificial intelligence (AI) aim at helping users detect AI scam calls. The Truecaller is rolling out the AI Call Scanner feature which can detect whether the voice of the person on the call belongs to a human or an AI.

      Truecaller highlight the rising cases of AI voice scams, where bad actors use AI to call in familiar voices to dupe people.

      As this feature will be first roll out to the US.

      Truecaller AI Call Scanner feature can analyse the voice of the caller in real-time and share the results within a few seconds, as per Truecaller.

      In order to identify whether a caller is using AI to scam the user, the AI Call Scanner feature records the caller’s voice for a couple of seconds and then processes it using an in-house AI model.

      Truecaller says that its AI model is train to identify the unique characteristics of human speech and distinguish it from AI-generate voices.

      It further adds that while the entire process takes a few seconds to complete, it still maintains a high level of accuracy.

      This feature will be available to Truecaller Premium users with the latest version of the app (version 14.6) on Android.

      The feature is first being roll out in the US, and Truecaller said it will be introduce in India and other major markets of the company in the coming months.

      Truecaller highlight that multiple bad actors are using AI that mimic human voices to try and extort money from victims.

      By taking samples of people’s voices from social media videos to train the AI, the voice is then use to call victims who are relate to those whose voices have clone.

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      The scammers use a familiar voice when calling their victims, who fall for the scam as it is design to sound similar to the voice of their relatives. 

      Truecaller points out that these scams were initially spot in 2019 and have risen exponentially in subsequent years.

      How to use Truecaller’s AI Call Scanner?

      Follow These Steps :

      1. Set Truecaller as your default calling app.
      2. Tap on Start AI Detection when you receive a suspicious call.
      3. The call will briefly go on hold as the AI records the voice.
      4. Wait for the “Analysing…” message indicating that the AI model is checking the caller’s voice.
      5. Check the on-screen notification to see if it is an AI voice or not.

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