How to Use Twitter New Bitcoin Tipping Feature

Twitter release a new feature for users to tip their most favoured content creators using Bitcoin. This feature will allow Twitter influencers to earn money from anywhere in the world without any geographical restrictions.

Twitter has partner with Strike a platform built on Bitcoin Lightning Network which can execute instant international payments at virtually no cost.

Twitter has adds a tiny money icon, which if turn on appear on the creator’s profile, informing others that Bitcoin tips were being accepted.

How to Send Bitcoin Tips on Twitter?

Follow These Steps :

  1. Download and sign-up on the Strike app.
  2. The app is available for download for Android, iOS as well as a browser extension.
  3. Deposit the Bitcoin that you want to send to somebody as a Twitter tip in your non-custodial Strike wallet.
  4. Non-custodial wallets permit users to hold and own their private key while having full control of their funds.
  5. Keys are protect in encrypted storage.
  6. Go back to Twitter and get to the Profile of whomever you wish to send the cryptocurrency tip.
  7. Tap the money icon that shows that the account holder is accepting Bitcoin tips.
  8. Click on Next and if you wish and add a short message along with your tip.
  9. You can also proceed without having to add any message as well.
  10. Select the open wallet option and you shall find yourself redirected to your non-custodial wallet where you had first deposited your Bitcoin tip.
  11. Click on confirm payment and just like that the fund-loaded Bitcoin tip is instantly transfer to the other wallet.

NOTE : This feature has first roll out for iOS users and will gradually be release for Android users as well. The functionality of Strike app is currently available in El Salvador as well as in a majority of regions in the US.


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