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      How to Verify Email ID and Phone Number Linked to Aadhaar | Details Inside

      One of the most important issues users face with their Aadhaar number has been resolve by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). You are now able to confirm the phone numbers and email addresses associate with Aadhaar due to the statutory organisation UIDAI. 

      This means that Aadhaar users can now check the mobile numbers and email IDs link with their Aadhaar. 

      As per statement from UIDAI outlining the need for the new tool :

      “The UIDAI was made aware that, in certain cases, people were unsure or unaware of which of their mobile numbers was seeded to their Aadhaar. Residents were concerned that the Aadhaar OTP would be sent to an alternate mobile number as a result. Residents may now verify these relatively quickly thanks to this capability,”.

      The facility can be avail under ‘Verify email/mobile Number’ feature on the official website or through mAadhaar app. 

      You may use the tool to check whether their personal email or cellphone number is seed with the appropriate Aadhaar.

      This facility gives confirmation to Aadhaar holders that email/mobile number under his/her knowledge is only seed to respective Aadhaar. 

      Also, it alerts the user if a specific mobile number is not connect and advises them to update the mobile number if they choose.

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      You will get a notification on their screen that says :

      “The mobile number you have entered is already verified with our records,”

      if the cellphone number has already been verified.

      The final three digits of the mobile number may be check using the Verify Aadhaar function on the MyAadhaar webpage or mAadhaar app if a person cannot recall the mobile number they provide during enrollment.

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