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      How to withdraw cash from ATMs without using your card | Withdraw cash from ATM using Google Pay, Paytm.

      You will very soon be able to withdraw cash from the ATM without a Debit Card by just scanning the QR Code through the UPI App. NCR Corporation has recently launch the first Interoperable Cardless Cash Withdrawal (ICCW) solution based on the UPI platform.

      NCR Corporation which controls half of the automated teller machines (ATM) market.

      It has been launch in association with the NPCI and City Union Bank.

      This will allow customers to withdraw cash from automated teller machines (ATMs) without their cards, using their mobile with any UPI enabled apps such as BHIM, Paytm and GPay.

      The City Union Bank has also said that it has upgraded all of its about 1,500 ATMs to provide this facility.

      The City Union Bank has joined hands with NCR Corporation to install these special ATMs based on ICCW.

      How can You Withdraw Cash from ATM without using a Card?

      Follow These Steps :

      • You need to open any platform which supports UPI app like Google Pay, Bhim, Phonepe, Amazon, Paytm, among others on the smartphone.
      • Now you needs to scan the QR code which is present at the ATM screen.
      • After then you needs to enter the amount of money that needs to be withdrawn.
      • You need to enter your 4 or 6 digit UPI pin.
      • Now you will be able to withdraw cash from ATM.

      NOTE : For trial the money withdrawal through UPI will only allow Rs 5,000 but will be increased later.

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      What is UPI?

      Unified Payments Interface (UPI) is a system that supports real-time payment which is developed by the National Payments Corporation of India facilitating inter-bank transactions.

      How UPI work?

      You just have to link your bank account with the UPI app.

      You can operate many bank accounts through one UPI app and transfer funds in seconds.

      How to create a UPI account?

      You can download any of the above-mentioned apps to create a UPI account.

      Follow These Steps :

      • You have to enter your mobile number and register.
      • You will then have to add your account to it and search your bank name.
      • After selecting the name of the bank.
      • You will have to add your account.
      • If your mobile number is linked to your account, it will appear.
      • Select the account.
      • You have to give the details of your ATM card to make the payment.
      • Your UPI account is created.


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